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General Band Info and Forms

Band Communication | Cuttime

Through Cuttime, you can receive instant text messages right to your smartphone with all things Marching Pioneers. 

Band Communication | Pioneer Dispatch

The Pioneer Dispatch provides weekly information of upcoming rehearsals and timeline for the coming weekends events. It's your one stop piece of information for the bands weekly adventure. 

Band Camp Packet

Click below to download the 2024 Band Camp Packet.

Emergency Medical Form

Lost your form? Forgot to submit it? Or just need to provide a more up-to-date version? Look no further, the Olentangy Local Schools Physicians form is right here. 

Medical Forms | Prescription Medication Request

Prescription medications may be administered by personnel designated by the school. Prior to administration of any prescription medication a physician’s medication request form must be completed by the physician who prescribed the medication.

Medical Forms | Non-Prescription Request

Non-prescription or over the counter (OTC) medications may be administered at school by designated personnel.  Prior to administration of any OTC medication, the Parent’s Non-Prescription Medication Administration Request Form must be completed by a parent and the medication is to be provided by the parent in the original container. Students in Grades 6-12 may carry and self-administer non-prescription medications if the Self Carry Non-Prescription Medication Form completed and submitted.

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